Serving the Hispanic population in our community has evolved from various church-based community outreach programs. One such organization founded in 2012 in the Charlottesville community is called Sin Barreras ( Without Borders). The main goal of this is to address the needs presented in the Hispanic immigrant community and break down the various “barriers” of language and access to legal, health, and other services. VOSH VA partnered with Sin Barreras to offer comprehensive eye exams to those on a waitlist for care. Combined with an Essilor grant to offer single vision or bifocal lenses in a choice of frames allows us to completely address the vision care needs of those referred to us. The community volunteers in the Sin Barreras office have stepped in to assist with translations, filling out forms and scheduling so that the Optometrists can focus on giving the best possible eye care in the pop-up clinic setting. So far, VOSH-Virginia has completed 5 clinics and served over 30 patients. We look forward to growing this service in the community and hope to acquire some portable equipment to allow for more Optometrists to participate in clinics.
Dr. Suzanne Matriccino, OD,  VOSH-Virginia member

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